Welcome to Curiosity and Mirth!

This website and blog by arts, culture, travel and lifestyle journalist Stephanie Wright Hession marks a new adventure in my career!

You may know my work as a longtime features writer and the Street Date columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, where I've contributed to the Style, Datebook, Travel, 96 Hours and Home and Food sections.

For The Chronicle, I've written many profiles on local, national and international visual artists, actors, playwrights, dancers, fashion designers and more. I've also done preview pieces on art exhibits, museum openings and theatrical productions. In addition, I've written and photographed travel stories.

For Street Date, I ventured out into the field with my camera to introduce readers to some of the intriguing people and engaging places in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through this local travel column, which ran each week for nine years in the 96 Hours section, I explored the tiny towns, San Francisco neighborhoods, suburbs, historic sites and natural spaces on foot. In the end, I produced nearly 500 columns.

With Curiosity and Mirth, I'll continue my work covering arts, culture, travel and lifestyle in San Francisco, nationally and internationally.

Please send trip invitations, press releases, digital photographs, links, brand collaborations and other inquiries to: curiosityandmirth@gmail.com.